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Cow Skulls at the Gage Hotel

The Gage Hotel is a landmark in Marathon, Texas, the northern entry to Big Bend National Park.

We like to visit the hotel and its restaurant, but we have never stayed there.

Someday we will.

We love the Big Bend, but we always stay at the lodge in the Basin. So when we get that close to the northern entry, it's hard to stop. We just want to keep going.

This was taken on our first visit to Texas only national park - sometime in the late nineties. We were returning from a newspaper convention in El Paso, and added a few days to our trip.

Since then, I have used the skulls as a photo subject on a number of trips with different digital cameras, but for some reason, I like this original shot the best... a shot taken on film with my Nikon FA.

Maybe it's the light or the angle or just that the owner of the Gage keeps adding skulls and they're getting crowded.

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