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Farewell To The Day

I don't know this girl, but I like her a lot. She too was swept up by the panorama of that Tucson sunset.

We spent a week out west in 2007, renting a condo from dear friends who said Tucson doesn't have great sunsets.

They were wrong. That year, big fires filled the atmosphere with smoke, and our trip was timed perfectly to observe the result.

The bright reds, oranges and yellows had faded, and everyone headed for their cars and a long winding trip down off Mount Lemmon in the Catalina Mountains.

The light was nearly gone when I saw her standing atop a rocky outcrop. With dark coming on swiftly, she stood like a statue, as if waiting for an encore.

Holding my Nikon tight to the flat top of a guardrail, I zoomed in and counted off what seemed like the longest exposure ever. She never moved, and this is the result.

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