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Snowy Egret on Lake Ray Hubbard

This snowy egret was my first subject while testing out my new camera. I liked the Canon 80D and the way it worked with my 70-200 zoom. And I really liked this shot.

The Saturday morning was calm and cloudy. I found this egret hanging out on an old tree in the waters of the west branch of Lake Ray Hubbard. There were lots of them, but this one was approachable.

Taking the shot from the Highway 66 bridge was difficult if not a bit dangerous, so I opted to pull off the road at a nearby boat ramp. From there, a rough trail led down to the east end of the bridge.

I went on foot into the darkness under the bridge.

I was alone, but the spray-painted space below the roadway was obvously well used as a sleeping place for vagrants and a doping spot for druggies.

The only things attacking that morning were mosquitoes, so I kept moving, working all the angles until the egret took up a perch on a lower branch. This was the result.

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