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COLUMNS and NEWS ARTICLES: For most of my career, I was an editor, fine-tuning the work of others. But I never lost my desire to write and to tell a good story. These are a few of the columns and news articles I wrote during the course of my career as a journalist.

The Letter in a Recipe Box - saluting Mart's Uncle Hugh

Dad, Death and Dora - why we hate Nazis

Farewell to the Texas Prison Rodeo - a day inside the walls

Leaving Tracks Through Life - on the dunes at White Sands

Thanks, Bob Hope, For Remembering - the column I almost didn't write

South Rim By Sixty - a quest to reach the top

Rainy Night in North Carolina - on friendships

Above it All at Acoma - a trip into the past

Where the Buffalo Roamed - taking back the prairie

Unheralded Sacrifice - saluting a forgotten hero of D-Day

Fewer Half-Read Books - a celebration of reading

STORYTELLING: My Army background made me the go-to writer for all things military. I enjoyed finding untold stories about forgotten heroes, traveling with World War II veterans on six Heroes Flights to Washington, D.C., and someturging them to finally share their experiences with others.

Silence in the Gardens of Stone - reflections on Arlington

Milk Run on the Nine-O-Nine - a rattling good time in a B-17

Saigon, Sweat and Spades - my aversion to card games

The Empty Grave in Mrs. Lee's Garden - a Civil War story

Michael Davis O'Donnell - Vietnam's warrior-poet

World War II Heroes - finally have their own monument

Forged By War - memorials to veterans refuse to let us forget

Flash in the Pan - an airman my grandmother adopted... who never came home

REFLECTIONS and OBSERVATIONS: Sometimes, my columns were simply reflections on life, observations on the oddities of life or lessons learned.

Cousins, Kindness and Enos Slaughter - a salute to cousins everywhere

The Nuts and Bolts of Life - lessons learned in a tool box

I'll be Home for Christmas - this song made my mother cry

The Finer Points of Plowing - a moment of Zen on the tractor

The Power of Encouragement - finding encouragers in your life

Knowing When to Get Off - lessons about hard work

Sky Vu In My Rearview Mirror - on going home again

Passages and Transitions - on moving on

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