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Temple Bar Alley

It was our last morning in Dublin. Our banged up but matching luggage was neatly aligned in the lobby of The Arlington Hotel Temple Bar, and the cabbie was on his way.

It was raining, but we were waterproof by then. Our slickers kept us dry and I had mastered the art of protecting my Canon from the elements.

I had about 10 minutes to make one last run through the early morning streets of Temple Bar. Last night it had been full of tourists. The historic pubs were rocking. And you couldn't snap a shot without standing in someone else's photo.

This morning was different. The people on the sidewalk strode with a purpose to jobs in the Irish city. The tourists were, for the most part, still in the rack.

I like this shot. It's an Irish alley in the rain. And it has stories to tell.

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