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Vung Tau Fishermen

Vung Tau was a vacation spot, an R&R Center for the military. And most soldiers saw the beach from within that controlled compound.

But Vung Tau was also a city with a life apart from the military.

I had already done the story on the R&R facility weeks earlier. This time, I was on a personal mission.

A small group of us made a run from Long Binh to the An Phong Orphanage to deliver three large boxes of goodies gathered by my sister and her friends back in Kansas.

The war - for the moment - was quiet, and we hoped it would stay that way as we traveled by Jeep. Our trip was uneventful, and we made our delivery and spent the night.

The next morning, I was up with the dawn to capture the city waking up. Setting out along the curve of the beach, I walked a mile or so and captured some good images, including this one of fishermen putting out their nets.

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